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About Cazoo cars

We sell haggle-free, great value used cars and we’re totally transparent, so you can trust that you’ve made a good car-buying decision.

As we sell used cars, you should expect some wear & tear

Every Cazoo car has been reconditioned to our standards at our Vehicle Preparation Centres. Since we sell used cars, there may be signs of general wear and tear, which is completely normal.

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Why choose Cazoo

Buy or finance your next car entirely online. Choose delivery or collection at a time that suits you, 7 days a week.

  1. Great value cars

    Competitive prices and HP or PCP finance deals.

  2. Easy part exchange

    Lower the cost of your car. Same-day exchange.

  3. Quality checked

    Mechanical and safety checked, plus recent MOT if needed.

  4. 90-Day Warranty

    Included with your car. Plus 24/7 RAC breakdown cover.

  5. Money Back Guarantee

    More comprehensive than a test drive.

All cars have a mechanical & safety check

We own all our cars and purchase less than 5% of the cars that we look at.

Our technicians inspect the mechanical aspects of the car, from the oil levels to the condition of the brake pads. We also make sure that safety-related items, such as seat belts and airbags, are in full working order.

We highlight some but not all imperfections

Also, if an imperfection isn’t easily visible, it's considered normal wear and tear for a used car so we won't tag or fix it.

Most cars have some imperfections. You can find them by:

  • Clicking on 'Imperfections' on the car details page

  • Looking for the orange triangles

Read our car standards checklist to learn which imperfections we tag.

Your car will have a recent service & MOT, if needed

We carry out an oil and filter change on every petrol, diesel and hybrid car with less than 3 months to go before its next service and before we list it for sale. We don’t service electric cars.

If your car is due for an MOT within the next 3 months, we give it an MOT inspection and a new certificate.

We never knowingly sell a car that:

  • Has been in a major accident, stolen or scrapped 

  • Has been imported or exported

  • Have issues identified by a car history check

  • Has outstanding finance or insurance issues

  • Doesn’t have a valid MOT 

  • Has mileage discrepancies

  • Doesn’t have tyres that are road legal 

  • Has mechanical or electrical faults 

  • Doesn’t show the number of previous owners

Our tyre standards

All our cars come with tyres that have a minimum tread depth of 3mm across at least 75% of the tyre's width, well above the legal limit.

Your car will come with either:

  • A full-sized spare tyre

  •  A temporary emergency tyre

  • An emergency tyre sealant kit or run-flat tyres, depending on the car's specifications.

Cars fitted with run-flat tyres don’t need a spare as they can travel around 50 miles with a puncture.

If we need to replace a tyre, we replace it with the same size and speed rating before it’s listed for sale on the website.

About car accessories

All our used cars come with at least one key that operates the car manually and remotely. 

If a sat nav is included with your car, but it isn’t enabled or doesn’t have an SD card, we'll tag it as an imperfection. 

A note on electric cars

  • All our electric cars come with a least one charging cable; a home charger and a fast charger.

  • Our plug-in hybrid cars include at least one home charger.

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