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If I sell my car to Cazoo, how will I give you my car?

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When you sell us your car, there are a number of ways you can hand it over. You can drop it off at:

  • Your nearest Cazoo Customer Centre for free

  • Our drop-off location in Thurleigh

  • One of our drop-off and collection locations in Wakefield, Hedge End, Eastbourne, Cheltenham, Cold Meece, Nottingham or Sheffield

If you’d prefer, we can pick the car up from your door, with prices starting from £149. The amount is based on the distance we travel from our closest centre to your pick-up location. If you choose to have your car picked up, the pick-up fee will be deducted from the value of your car. 

Just choose the date and time that suits you once you’ve accepted your offer. To schedule a next-day slot, simply check availability and complete your booking by 6pm.

If you choose a home pickup, one of our Handover Specialists will arrive during your chosen four-hour slot. You’ll know it’s us as we’re always in our Cazoo branded uniform and will show you our Cazoo ID on arrival. 

What to expect on the day

We’ll inspect the car’s condition and mileage against the information you’ve given us and check your car’s documents, like the V5C logbook, service history (if any) and a photo ID.

We may also test drive your car as part of the inspection.

The whole process may take up to one hour. Once the handover has been completed successfully, we’ll process the payment and it will be in your bank account instantly.

Please note:

  • Cars that are valued at £25,000 or more can only be dropped off at a Customer Centre as they need to be processed at our centre due to the higher value.

  • We’re unable to pick up your car if its valuation is lower than £700, but you can still drop it off at any of our centres. 

  • Our transporters are about the size of a grocery delivery lorry. To make sure we can park nearby please flag any road restrictions just before you choose your pick-up slot.

  • You must remove any personal belongings before you hand your car over. Any personal belongings still in a car once it has been returned or sold to us are disposed of.

  • You’ll need to disconnect and remove any mobile phone apps, accounts and data associated with it.

  • You’ll also need to remove any personal data stored within the car itself.

  • Once you’ve handed over your car to us, we’re unable to give it back if you change your mind. 

Learn more about what we check during your handover