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Our 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Get to know your Cazoo car in your own time for up to 7 days.

More peace of mind than a test drive

Once you’ve found your Cazoo car, you can choose delivery or collection. We give you up to 7 days to get to know your car and to make sure it suits your lifestyle. You can then decide to keep the car or get your money back.

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  1. 7 days to decide

    More comprehensive than a typical test drive.

  2. Drive up to 250 miles

    From the commute to the school run and more.

  3. A full refund

    If you change your mind within the 7 days.

Free 3-Day Driveaway Insurance

If eligible, you can enjoy 3-Day Driveaway Insurance from Tempcover, simply activate it before you receive your car.

After the driveaway insurance ends and you decide to keep the car, you’ll need to take out a monthly or annual insurance policy. If you need more time to decide, you’ll need to take out your own insurance cover for the remainder of the 7-Day Money Back Guarantee period.

Learn more about the 3-Day Driveaway Insurance

A note on Free 3-Day Driveaway Insurance

How to return a Cazoo car

  • Let us know by 8pm on the 7th day after your handover.

  • Drop the car off at a Cazoo Customer Centre for free or we can pick it up from the same address it was delivered to for £149.

  • Book a pick-up within 14 days of receiving the car.

  • All refunds are processed within 48 hours and the money will be back in your account within 5-10 working days.

  • If your car was delivered, the fee will be refunded back to you. The £99 admin fee will also be refunded.

You can continue to drive the car until your pick-up date. Just make sure that you're fully insured and don't drive over the 250-mile limit. 

The finer details

To receive a full refund, the car must be returned in its original, unmodified condition without any damage or accidents. 

A little note on extra charges:

  • If the car is driven over the 250 mile limit, every additional mile will cost £1 per mile.

  • If the car has been in an accident or is damaged, there may be additional charges.

  • If you choose to have your car collected, we’ll charge a £149 pick-up fee.

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