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How Cazoo car valuations work

  1. Get a quick estimate

    Enter your car's registration and mileage for an instant estimate.

  2. Complete your full valuation

    Add a few more details for a personalised, guaranteed offer*.

  3. We’ll honour the offer

    Just make sure the car is in the condition you described.

  4. Guaranteed for 7 days

    As long as you check out within 7 days and give us your car within 10 days of receiving your valuation.

What affects the value of your car?

We use live market data to provide a fair and accurate price.

  • Things that can increase a car's value

    Cars with fewer previous owners are generally valued higher. Newer cars and cars with lower mileage and a full service history retain more of their value.

  • Things that can decrease a car's value

    Car values decrease daily due to ageing and the availability of newer models. Parts that need repairing and imperfections such as scratches, dents, wear and tear will also reduce the value.

A note on revaluing your car

Part exchange to reduce the cost of your Cazoo car

Part exchanging is a simple way to reduce the cost of your Cazoo car or lower your monthly finance payments by trading in your current one.

Here's an example:

Your current car is valued at £4,000 and you’re interested in a Cazoo car that costs £10,000. By part exchanging with us, you only pay £6,000 and we take your current car away when you receive your Cazoo car.

Learn more about part exchange

Sell your current car outright and get an instant payment

When you complete a full valuation, we’ll give you an instant offer that’s guaranteed for 7 days. Your car needs to match the description you give us and meet the requirements that are listed in our terms and conditions

*Your offer won’t change as long as you check out within 7 days and give us your car within 10 days of receiving your valuation.

We won’t chip away at your offer and you’ll receive payment as soon as you hand your car over.

Simply drop your car off at your nearest Cazoo Customer Centre or we’ll pick it up from your door at a time that suits you. Cars that are valued at less than £700 or £25,000 or more must be dropped off at a Customer Centre.

Learn more about selling your car

Why choose Cazoo

Buy or finance your next car entirely online. Choose delivery or collection at a time that suits you, 7 days a week.

  1. Great value cars

    Competitive prices and HP or PCP finance deals.

  2. Easy part exchange

    Lower the cost of your car. Same-day exchange.

  3. Quality checked

    Mechanical and safety checked, plus recent MOT if needed.

  4. 90-Day Warranty

    Included with your car. Plus 24/7 RAC breakdown cover.

  5. Money Back Guarantee

    More comprehensive than a test drive.

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