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What forms of payment does Cazoo accept?

• Updated

There are a number of ways to pay for your Cazoo car.

You can pay using Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards from your personal account. We’re unable to accept AMEX credit or debit card payments or payments from overseas.

We’re also unable to accept payments from virtual credit cards, for example, from car finance lenders, which are used for specific purchases. For more information, please see our terms and conditions.

At the moment, you can’t split your payment across multiple cards. This is something we’re working on - so stay tuned! You can choose to part exchange your current car and its valuation will be deducted from the cost of your Cazoo car. You can also apply for finance through Cazoo. The approval of your application will depend on your status and our affordability checks.

If you’re buying a used Cazoo car outright, we also accept payment by bank transfer.

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