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Cazoo customer Barry with his new car

Customer stories: meet Barry

Barry wasn’t even looking for a car when he first heard about Cazoo, then 5 days later his Cazoo car was outside his front door! We caught up with him to hear about what gave him such used-car buying confidence.

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By Cazoo editorial team

Q: Hi Barry! How did you first hear about Cazoo?

A: I first heard about Cazoo through your adverts on TV and seeing billboards around town. I’d never heard of Cazoo and the next day Cazoo was everywhere! I wasn’t even planning on buying a car, I just saw the adverts, went online, spotted a car I liked and that was it. And it was so quick, that I ordered it on a Wednesday and it was outside my front door that Sunday.

Q: Have you bought a used car before?

A: In the past I’ve bought my cars from dealerships and never really had the best experiences there which is why I was open to trying something new with Cazoo. It was very different because there was no pressure and no overbearing sales people telling you what they think you want. I was able to buy the car in my own time in the Cazoo way, which was such a relief. I sat with a glass of wine at home on my laptop and ordered my car - it was that easy!

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Q: How did you feel about buying a car online?

A: It really didn’t bother me because of all the promises you made. The 7-Day Money Back Guarantee was especially important in giving me the confidence to buy my car because I knew that if I didn’t like it for any reason, I could just send it back! But every single part of the experience reinforced my confidence, from the communication from the 90-day warranty* to your Customer Support Team, to the delivery itself. I never felt once like I had made a mistake.

I really like the fact that you highlight flaws because it made me trust the company even more. I really felt like you weren’t trying to do one over on me and I appreciated the transparency. And when the car arrived I wouldn’t have even noticed the imperfections if they hadn’t been pointed out.

Q: How was the delivery and handover process?

My Handover Specialist was called John and was absolutely amazing. He talked me through everything. Nothing was too much for him or a hassle in any way. He stayed for as long as I needed him and then packed up the part-exchange and left.

When my car arrived it looked better than any car I’ve bought from a dealership. It was spotless inside and out. I really appreciated that John had taken such care to make sure it was looking so good.

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Q: Did you part exchange your car?

The part exchange was seamless. You gave me the price that was offered on the website without trying to knock me down and the Handover Specialist simply loaded my old car onto the transporter and took it away after introducing me to my Cazoo car.

About 12 months ago I went to my local Vauxhall dealership to look at a car and they offered me less for my part-exchange than Cazoo did. You guys made me a decent offer and then followed through and gave me what you said you would.

Q: Was there anything that surprised you about Cazoo?

Just how easy it is and the fact that you’ve taken all the risk out of buying a used car. I even persuaded my brother-in-law to buy a car from Cazoo and he had never bought a used car before in his life. And he’s 100% thrilled with his car as well.

Q: How would you describe your experience with Cazoo in three words?

Quick, simple and risk-free!

There are lots of great-value used cars to choose from at Cazoo. Simply use the search function to find one you love then buy or finance it online. You can choose to have it delivered to your door, or you can collect it from your nearest Cazoo Customer Centre.

We're constantly updating and adding to our stock. If you can't find the right one today, it’s easy to set up a stock alert to be the first to know when we have cars that match your needs.

*If you’ll be using your car for hire and reward (which is using it for services or transport in exchange for payment), we’re unable to include the 90-day warranty.

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